Inbound Call Center Services
We use and deploy the most refined call processing and telecom. Our call routing feature allows the system to instantly scrutinize available agents and route calls to the most suitably skilled agents.

Our operating centers receive customer calls over dedicated international private leased circuits. We can handle calls relating to various products or processes across industries.
Answering Service
We offer effective and accurate answering services that considerably save time and money of callers.
The Process
The well qualified team of professionals takes the messages and provides the information quickly. The 24/7 service is excellent for answering calls any time and obtaining information from the caller. The received calls are processed by live operators who obtain the callers name, address if necessary, and phone number and a brief message.
Upon completion of the call, the operator :
  • Dispatches the message to pagers or cell phones
  • Stores the message to later call in and retrieve
  • Places the message in a complimentary voice mail box
  • Telephones the client with the message
  • Personal Indebted
  • Or mails or faxes to the client, as per his wish
Applications of Answering Services :
  • Voice Mail and Call Back Systems
  • Account Status
  • Calling Card Services
  • Locator Services
  • Emergency Notification
  • Lead Generation
  • Credit Collections
  • Mortgage Marketing
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Invoice Payment
  • Payroll Services
  • Message and Recording Service
  • Fund Raising Projects
  • Product Ordering and Fulfillment
Help Desk Support
We offer off shore Back office Outsourcing services and Business process Out sourcing services, which guarantee reduction in cost, maintaining quality. The Help Desk is essentially a central point through which problems or issues are reported and subsequently managed and coordinated and highly responsible for bringing resources together to address a problem or other issue. As a BPO service provider we provide proactive support, it is important that there is no illusion with respect to help desk management: ultimate responsibility for the help desk is retained. Poor help desk provision will adversely effect the help desk provider, not only the outsourcing firm.
Help Desk Expert for Customer Service :
  • Call Center/Help Desk
  • External Customer Support
  • Products, Services and Operations Support
  • Problem Tracking
  • Call/Request Tracking
  • Support Resource Management
Help Desk Expert for IT Support :
  • Internal Call Tracking
  • Internal Help Desk
  • Internal Employee Support
  • Internal Action Request Automation
  • Project Support Management
Key Benefits of our Help Desk Support Services :
  • Improved Customer Service perception and satisfaction
  • Increased accessibility through a single point of contact, communication, and information
  • Better-quality and quicker turnaround of customer requests
  • Improved teamwork and communication.
  • Enhanced focus and a proactive approach to Service provision.
  • A reduced negative business impact
  • better managed infrastructure and control
  • improved usage of IT support resources and increased productivity of business personnel


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